Mary Lloyd Jones.  

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recent work 2007–9


National Museum Wales

'Origins' Exhibition

Banners shown outside the National Museum celebrating the 'Origins' exhibition. These were erected for the National Eisteddfod and for the following months.

  Gwaith gan Mary Loyd Jones.
Gwaith gan Mary Loyd Jones.
Photos Kevin Thomas

New Archaeology Gallery, National Museum of Wales, Opened December 2007

Work has been included in the new exhibition 'Origins' of the Archaeological Department of the National Museum of Wales.

  Gwaith gan Mary Loyd Jones.
Gwaith gan Mary Loyd Jones.
Interior of the 'Origins' Gallery showing banner 13' x 5' next to cases of stone arrows and axes.
Interior of 'Origins' Gallery showing banner 13' x 5' making reference to Axe Factory Graig Lwyd, Penmaenmawr
Photos Jim Wilde
  Gwaith gan Mary Loyd Jones.
  Triptych 5' x 12' shown outside Origins Gallery making reference to archaeological sites on Anglesey Barclodiad y Gawres and Bryn Celli Ddu. Photo Jim Wilde

National Museum Wales: Origins


Travels in 2009
Guangzhou, China & Wales Smithsonian Festival, Washington DC, USA

  Photograph of opening ceremony.
Mary Loyd Jones with participants at a workshop.
Opening Ceremony celebrating the Red Dragon, A Welsh Visual Arts Exhibition, Guangzhou
Workshop, Pingpong Arts Centre, Guangzhou
  Calligraphy by Mr Li.
Mr Li and Mary Loyd Jones holding calligraphy.
Calligraphy by Mr Li
Mr Li, Master Calligrapher with Mary Lloyd Jones

  Banners by Mary Loyd Jones.
Banner by Mary Loyd Jones.
Banners by Mary Lloyd Jones in the Storytelliing area, Wales Smithsonian Festival
Wales Smithsonian Festival Banner, designed by Mary Lloyd Jones

recent work 2011–14

recent work 2009–12